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04- 24- 2019

You and the Bible

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


Often times we ask this question in regards to our faith, "How is your relationship with Jesus going?"  My question for us all this week is a little different: "What is your relationship like with His Word?"   Someone once said, “A Bible that  is falling apart belongs to someone who is not.”  I like that because I have experienced this in my own life.  When my life is full of stress, worry, and a sense of meaningless I find myself longing to read and study the Bible.   Every time I open up the Word a new sense of calm, life, and purpose invade my heart and soul.  We are blessed to have the Ancient Scriptures.  Our access to the Bible has never been greater throughout history.  Our digital age has awakened the Scriptures like never before.  There are apps, websites, blogs, and any other Bible study opportunity we can imagine. 

At Trinity we have several new Bible studies starting up and more to come.  We are actually working on a few new online studies and an app.  Here is a link to our new Bible study opportunities.  God has written us a letter that has been passed down to us.  Let’s open it anew and inhale His very breath so that we can exhale His breath. 

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