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07- 16- 2018

Words to Bless


By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth

We don’t get to cover Paul’s prayer this Sunday.

There’s so much Paul says in one short chapter, so trying to be aware of attention spans, and blessings and burdens of hearing a sermon, I focused on something else.  But that something else feeds right into Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians.

Paul prayed for people he knew somewhat well, and perhaps for those he didn’t know, those he anticipated joining the Ephesian church after he left.  Regardless of how well he knew the people, he knew their rep.  It’s solid, humble, holy.  Ephesians start following Jesus well; Paul prays for them to keep growing, he prays for wisdom, revelation, having the eyes of their hearts enlightened.  While a good start and a pray for growth my seem ho-hum, Paul knows what comes when faith is tested.  So he prays.  Paul knows what happens when pride, hardship, and struggles circle.  So he prays.

Who is praying for you?  Who’s lifting you up, praying for your growth, especially in the midst of hard moments or difficult seasons?

More to the point of our Jesus-following lives, for whom do you pray?  Who needs to know the loving actions and words of Jesus?  Who knows them, but needs to grow in them?

We need to be about reading and praying.  We need to be about worshipping and serving.  We need to be about these things not for our own benefit, although its difficult to be involved in those four spaces and not get blessed.  We need to be about these things for the people in our lives.  These are the ones Christ sends to us to shine the light of his name and his word.  A simple and profound way to witness the love and word of God to people starts with your heart and your prayers.

Take a moment to pray.  If you haven’t already look up a read through.  Now try praying through it, reading it as a prayer.  Pray for the people God brings to mind as you read and pray.  Having trouble thinking of people?  Start with family, neighbors, friends, and government. 

God bless your weekend.  See you soon.

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