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09- 20- 2018

Who is this Man?

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


As we are getting ready for week three of our “Ready, Set, Go!” sermon series let me ask you this, Why is it so easy to get distracted?  Throughout my day, whether it is at work or at home with everything going on, distractions occur.  At one moment  I am trying to make tacos for dinner, but then the dogs have to go outside for a bathroom break, while at the same time Oliver needs some help in the bathroom and still another kid needs help with homework, while all the time I am getting text messages about carpooling to one of my kid's sports practices.  I bring this up because so many times Christians get distracted from the essential, simple, yet profound question we need to ask when we are sharing our faith: Who is Jesus? 

We are easily distracted by scientific debates, sexuality debates, and political debates to list a few, when our focus must be on the person of Jesus. 

No doubt everyone has an opinion about Jesus. If you do not believe I would encourage you to simply bring Him up to others throughout your day. You could do this by simply saying, “I have been learning a lot about this Jesus person lately, what do you think about Him?”

People have their opinions about Him.  Most people believe He was an amazing teacher and showed great character and still many more believe He was not just man, but in fact our Creator in the flesh. 

The answer to this question according to Jesus’ own words is the most important question all of humanity has to answer. 

Someone once said this about Jesus,  “By Him all things were created: things in heaven and thing on earth, visible and invisible… He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.” 

May we get more focused on this question this weekend through our worship time so that we will be better equipped to go and do what Jesus told us to do, “Preach His Good News.” 

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