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11- 01- 2018

The Thirst for More

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor

This time of year is great for many reasons. One specific reason is that deer hunting is in full swing.  So as someone who loves the great outdoors of God's creation and tasty, healthy meat, I find myself practically obsessed with doing everything I can to get out into the woods. Jenni, my bride, gave me the green light to hunt the other evening, but the weather and the deer didn't cooperate.  As soon as I started my unsatisfied walk back to the car my mind went to immediately trying to figure out when I could hunt again.  I wanted more.  

So often in my life I find myself seeking more of something as if once I get it, the thirst will be quenched and I will be satisfied.  Sad to say as a disciple of Jesus I have many desires that I need to keep in check and keep under His Lordship.  In fact I often get motivated during deer hunting season to seek Him more than I seek a tasty deer. 

In case you are wondering this blog is not about keeping my desire for deer hunting in check. It is actually about keeping my desire for money in check.  

Many people have concluded that which we desire more of can become an idol.  We somehow believe that which we desire will somehow satisfy us and make us happy.  Yet what we know as disciples of Jesus is that He alone can satisfy.  Jesus said, “You cannot serve both God and money.”  He also said that when we feel anxiety about money it is because we are serving it and trusting it more than Him.  That is, we are making it an idol.  

So how’s your relationship with money?  If Jesus could speak a word to you about money, what would He say?  As we open up His word this weekend may we see once again that He is Lord of all.

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