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10- 17- 2018

The Skilled Listener

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor

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This week as I have preparing for the sermon, I have found myself thinking about what makes a good listener.  So let me ask you, what makes a good listener?  When I was in undergrad school I took a class called, “The Skilled Listener.”  Needless to say it is one thing to gain knowledge as to how to be a good listener and another to actually be a good listener. 

When I am able to do pre-marriage counseling this is a typical topic that comes up because listening is a skill that spouses need to have good communication, and communication is key for the success of any relationship.  A good listener is usually someone who actually removes distractions, is able to pick up on the context and back story of the conversation which is also known as the emotional nugget, and is able to repeat back what they have heard. 

So, I wonder: How are you at listening to God?  He has spoken and is speaking to us.  The question is, Are we listening?  Are we spending non-distracted time with Him, do we have understanding to His voice, and are we able to repeat back to Him what He is saying?

Jesus said, “He who has ears, let Him hear.”  He was and is saying, “Listen up.” 

May God enable us to hear His voice this weekend in our worship time so that we can become the neighbors, spouses, parents, co-workers, and classmates that  He has created us to be. 

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