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11- 15- 2018

The Night Before

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


So as I write this blog it is the night before Opening Day Gun Hunting for some tasty, healthy meat.  This year, as you have noticed, it has been much colder than usual. I just made a run to grab some toe warmers, hand warmers, and body warmers.  

Will those make me warm as I attempt sit in a tree stand in the sub-freezing weather?  Most likely not so much, but they will help enough to keep the edge off.  

I share this because the reality of our sermon series is that it has been uncomfortable for many of us as we have allowed Jesus to speak into our finances.  What I appreciate is that our passion for Jesus (which is hopefully much more than my passion for deer hunting) has enabled us to veer through the uncomfortable nature of the scriptures that have called us to have more faith in Jesus.  

A faith in Him holds strong even when it is uncomfortable.  There is no guarantee that I will get a deer tomorrow but I guarantee that Jesus will speak to us this weekend in worship even though it might be uncomfortable. 

Hope you can make it.  

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