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06- 27- 2018

The Holy Pause


By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Associate Pastor of Family Life

Since coming back from Sabbatical I have been re-reading the Bible again, and I just finished Exodus.  As I was re-reading Exodus, The Holy Pause is no doubt a desire from our heavenly Father for His children to have (Exodus 31:12-18).  He rested on the seventh day as an example.  Jesus Himself spoke about the Holy Pause when He said, “The Sabbath was made for man.”  Now there are times in life when we need to  take a pause even outside of the normal routine that God established for us in creation.  A pause in which we respond to God when He said, “Be still and know that I am God.”   This is what the Sabbath was supposed to be about.  This is why the sacred assembly was part of God’s commandment to His children. 

What I have learned in my own life is that I need a Holy Pause -- not just once a week, not just once a day, but in the moments where God calls me to make a courageous decision by either saying yes in courage or no in courage.   I wonder if God is asking you in the midst of your life to take a Holy Pause, not just with us this weekend in worship, not just in your daily prayer and Bible reading time, but in an extraordinary way as  He is presenting a choice before you.  Maybe it is a career choice, a relationship choice, a financial choice, or another choice where you are feeling a bit of pressure knowing that the choice you make will not only affect yourself but those you love in a large way. 

This weekend in worship we are going to dig into a “Holy Pause,” written down for us in the Bible.  Our prayer for this weekend in worship is that God is going to give you a “Holy Pause” encouragement  through the truth of His Word, the example of those that have gone before us, and certainly Gospel comfort as we receive the FREEDOM that Jesus has given to us by His courageous, sacrificial death on the cross.  We hope to see you and have a great Fourth of July!  If you are unable to be part of worship this weekend at Trinity you can go to our website to listen to the weekend sermon.



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