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08- 31- 2018

The Christian Warrior is not the Image our Neighbors Need Right Now

By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth


School is back!  Our beloved Trinity mascot is leading our charge in to a new school year.  This image, along with an article, and a Bible reading got me thinking about the image of Christian warrior. 

While we celebrate our “warrior" spirit/pride, it is our servant heart which shines the Light that depopulates Hell.

Think about it.  Take a look at Ephesians 6:10-20.  Paul’s talking about spiritual armor, standing resisting forces working against you.  From here we get meditations on “physical armor and its spiritual counterpart”[1], and a rousing call to action.  Think back to what Paul is asking Ephesian believers (and us): protect yourself, stand, resist.  These are not words that build excitement or anticipation.  It sounds like we just keep ourselves safe, stand around, and don’t do bad stuff.

Paul knows, the Ephesians know, you and I know are days are much more animated than that.

So in the midst of you season, your week/day/moment, Paul is reminding us of two realities: the reality of evil and the reality of victory.

The reality of evil is that it’s everywhere in this world; it's in everything.  So simple trips and errands, leaving the house for the day, and surely our daily routine become more complicated.  Sometimes it seem no matter what we do, steps and plans are always frustrated.  We quickly learn in life that nothing lasts forever, and everyone eventually lets you down.

The reality of victory counters that bleakness.  For Jesus has victory over sin in all its forms. And our Victor over sin and death promises to be with us wherever we go.  So wherever our lists, trips, days, and struggles take us, Jesus is with us calling, coaching, correcting and cheering us along until we reach the end.  Pain is present, but it does not smother us.  

Our neighbors need you as warrior to fight against the sin within you. Remember? Our struggle is not against flesh and blood.  We don’t need to rage against those opposed to Christ.  We need to rail against our own frailties, temptations, and failures through which we hurt others.  We work against those consequences of sin with grace, confessing them and receiving forgiveness.  That grace is the remedy that changes us, and changes the world.

Our neighbors need to see you as a servant, one being changed by the love of Jesus, who truly cares for them just as they are.  For that is where our Savior met you: one beyond the grace of God, brought near, brought to life with the love of God that changes the world - one relationship at a time. 

Our neighbors do not need to see a Christian warrior.  They need the servants of Jesus.  So when they think of Trinity Warriors, may they think of sincere servants of our Savior. 



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