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11- 07- 2018

That Room

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


As I am getting ready to share with you the sermon God has put on my heart through His Word, my mind was caught up in the truth that many of us have rooms in our homes that when people come over we would rather have them not enter. In my house it is typically the boys' room, the triple bunk bed room that Toby, Graham, and Oliver share.  In fact about a year ago Jenni and I switched Chloe’s room with theirs because when guests would come over that was the room directly across from our main bathroom door, and that is the one bedroom that guests can see into when they are in the kitchen. 

About 20 years ago I read a book that spoke about all the rooms of our life and how Jesus wants to enter into each one no matter how messy it is or how private it is.  As we enter into the second week of our “Making Change” sermon series and continue to let Jesus shed His truth into our finances, I wonder how many of us have let Jesus into this room in our lives.  I wonder how many of us have shut the door on Him and simply won’t let Him in. 

The beauty of our faith is that if we let Him in, He is not going to roll His eyes at us or yell at us, He will actually help us clean it up, de-clutter it and make it a room that we are willing to let others look into.  

This weekend it is my prayer that you let Jesus into your financial room and that He does what only He can do -- change your life and pour His abundant blessing not just into our lives, but more importantly through our lives. 

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