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09- 13- 2016

Teach Your Children How to Have a Conversation

By: Sharilyn O'Boyle, Second Grade Teacher

children_talking.jpgIn this age of texts and social media, it seems like the skill of having a conversation is getting lost. Our kids need to know how to have a good conversation. It’s the most personal form of communication and a skill our kids still need.

  • If your child is shy, invite them to set a goal to talk to someone different five minutes every week.
  • Teach them the power of a smile and have them try out questions that get people talking.
  • Teach them how to start a conversation and to politely  end one too. Tell them when you do it so that they can learn from your example.
  • Teach them how to notice when others are trying to start a conversation so that they can respond.
  • If you child is more talkative , teach them how to start conversations by asking questions.
  • Teach them to practice being a good listener.
  • Teach them to recognize if a listener is tired of hearing them talk so that they know when to give people space.

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