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06- 26- 2019

Swing the Bat

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


One of the primary lessons of baseball, in order to be a good hitter, is that to hit the ball you have to swing.  In little league I have found opposing coaches encouraging their kids to take a pitch.  I know there are different coaching philosophies depending on the age and level of competition, but you will never find me encouraging kids to take a pitch probably until  they are in high school and the count is 3 and 0, but even then I would struggle.  In my mind as a former baseball player and as a coach I do not want kids looking for a walk.  I want them being aggressive.  I want them to have the mind set to hit the first pitch they see. The game is a much better game when kids are swinging the bat for multiple reasons.  One of my coaches when I was a kid drilled this into my head, “Justin, you cannot hit the ball if you do not swing.”  My dad said it this way when he taught me to fish, “Justin, you cannot catch a fish if your line is not in the water.”

The truth of being aggressive as a hitter if you want success, is even truer when it comes to living by faith, striking the arrow.   If we want to be successful in the life God has made us for, we need to walk by faith.  How do we swing the bat by faith?  We live by faith when we pray, when we meditate on His Word, when we serve someone in need, when we give away our finances, when we forgive someone, when we do not quit, when we follow through on our word, when we speak of Jesus with our neighbor, when we join the community of believers in corporate worship just to name a few, and when we receive His mercy.

It is so easy to give into the temptation to take a pitch looking for a walk.  It is so tempting to not have our timing down when we step up to plate.  So, may we continue to swing the bat as we go through life.  May Hebrews 10:39 be true of us, “We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.”  I know life is hard but our faith calls us to keep our eyes on Jesus, to trust in Him.  To swing the bat.  He has a plan and a purpose for each of us and that is to Share His Story with Love. 

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