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07- 24- 2018

Spiritual Strength

By: Rev. Lew Stier, Associate Pastor of Outreach Ministry


Have you ever been on a ship in the middle of an ocean and been amazed at its width?  Have you ever stood at the foot of the tallest building in some downtown city and looked up to see how inconceivably tall it seems?  Ever stood on a diving board and wondered just how deep is the pool?  Or asked how long is eternity?   

I ask because we are being asked in the Ancient Words given for this week—if we can realistically fathom just how wide—how long—how high and how deep Jesus' love is for all of us (Eph. 3:18).

We know very well about Jesus' love—we believe in Jesus' love—because it sent him to the cross to die and pay the price we could for pay for our many, many sins.  But to fully understand this love, we still need the power of the Holy Spirit working in each of our own lives. We do have a hard time trying to understand many things about of God and His wonderful grace.

We certainly do not have the capacity for His mind.  Scripture says:  “His thoughts are not our thoughts; His ways are not our ways.” But He wants us to understand; He wants us to be able to “grasp” the enormity of His love so we will be able to “grasp” the enormity of the things He desires for us to do for His Kingdom.

We have a God who can do so much more than we can possibly think we can do through His power and strength.  Paul terms it as “immeasurably more,” meaning we can never get to the end of His love just as we can never get to the end of the possibilities either.  The love Jesus has for you will never be used up—never come to an end—never quit on you.

That is why you can do so much more for Him than you think is possible.  With the power of the Holy Spirit you have a strength that allows you to go way past your own human limitations.  Limitations by the way, you put on yourself!  The power of the Holy Spirit gives you strength to see possibilities you never would have imagined as possible before he gives you His gifts.

What are we supposed to do with all this?  Read His Word and pray.  Then ask Him:  “What can we really do together to reach out for the good of His Kingdom?”

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