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02- 15- 2018

Safety and Hospitality: Next Steps for Trinity

By: Rev. Dr. Scott Sommerfeld, Interim Senior Pastor, and Jeff Pioch, Director of Operations

Greetings Trinity Church and School Communities,

 A couple of weeks ago I sent an email over the weekend letting you know that Trinity is pursuing ways to enhance the safety and security of all who are on our campus.  While we pursue those next steps we do so in light of our second high priority for all who are on our campus—that they experience the warmth and care of our Christian family which we call “hospitality.”  So our intent and purpose is to enhance both security and hospitality as we implement our next steps.

We are in the process of taking our “next step” in that process.  As you know when new things are introduced into a large family of friends it can seem messy.  So this email is an attempt to describe the intent of the change and to ask you for your patience as we try out this next step.  If past experience is any indicator, we will also learn a few things as we roll this out, and then we will work on modifying our plan to make it even better.  Again, thank you for your patience as we strive to enhance the safety of all while also providing hospitality and care to all.

Our “next step” is to add a part-time staff member who will focus on this area of ministry and guide us toward our twin goals of security and hospitality.  The new “Safety Manager” position will be presented at the Voters Meeting on February 25 for approval.  

Below is a note from our Director of Properties, Jeff Pioch, as he describes this new position:

The part-time/contract Safety Manager position is one that will work in harmony with Trinity’s Director of Operations, School Principal and the Safety & Security Committee to develop service teams, patrol schedules and volunteer training. Overall, the Safety & Security Committee hopes to establish safety teams that will regularly serve during our large group activities such as: worship times, Kids Connection, Sunday Meal Ministries, school events, Family Fun Fest, Rummage Sales, etc. Because this is a new program for Trinity we are anticipating there to be a lot work pulling together volunteers, training our volunteers and scheduling their duties and shifts. Once the program is up and running, we expect to have the Safety Manager continue to oversee the Safety Teams, build schedules and maintain the program on a reduced work schedule.

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work toward the goal of creating a safe, friendly environment here at Trinity, Utica.  We appreciate working together as we serve our great God!

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