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05- 03- 2018

Resurrection Power: Power to Love

By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth

The Last Blog…

...for the Resurrection Power series, anyway. What do you want your last words to be?  Jesus chose His carefully.  He filled three chapters with all of the last things He wanted to communicate to those He led and taught for three years - on top of all He taught them during that time.  What was the most important piece He wanted them to grasp?  Of all the teaching and miracles and walking and sailing and sacrifice, what did He want them to do?

Love God, love others.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because it is.  Love is the core of the Old Testament Mosaic covenant.  Love was Israel could not do by itself.  So Jesus did.  Just as Israel started with the one man, Jacob, so Israel is redeemed by Israel-reduced-to-the-one-man, Jesus.  Now Jesus tells His disciples a new command which sounds an awfully lot like the old command. 

He tells to love one another...the same way Jesus loved them.  This is what makes this command “new.”  Don’t misread the past-tense of ‘loved.’  Jesus never stopped loving those He came to serve and save.  Consider ‘loved’ more that with Jesus, He has always loved his disciples.  He has always loved you.  Despite our failure and faltering, even knowing our doubts and distractions that are still to come, He loved you.  He loved from the beginning.  THAT’S the love Jesus to calling forth from his followers.    That’s the love we’re called to show one another.  That’s the love for which this world desperately aches. 

As we finish this series and prepare for the next, only one question now remains:

How will you lay down your life?

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