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08- 29- 2019


By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth

Rest is a beautiful thing.

What happens when you get sick?  Take a rest. What do you need when you are injured? Take a rest.  When happens when you push yourself too hard, too far, too long? You need to rest.  Rest is a regular rhythm of our days and weeks. It provides breaks in the course of a year, and something for which we long as years press on.  Through rest, God restores, heals, strengthens us for what lies ahead. Rest is a beautiful thing…

...when it works.  Sometimes you lay down, but you are restless.  You cannot find rest no matter what you try. Sometimes you do rest, but you return feeling worse than before.  Sometimes you skip rest because you everything you have to do, and no opportunity to stop. When rest is broken or missing, everything gets more difficult; everything gets worse.

Many things work against God’s gift of rest for you, and they seem to fall into the three categories we keep running into: the enemy, the sinful broken condition in everything and everyone, and that same sin that is still at work in you.  In the midst for restless nights, painful moments, or situations far more bleak, God is still there with you. God’s purposes may be clouded in mystery but His presence and promises still provide potent peace in the midst of peril. Though your restless moment may be as short as a night, or longer than a decade, God still cares for your body and life.  He provides a Savior for your soul, community for your needs, and a family for your care. This Labor Day weekend, lean in to the gifts God gives you daily. May you receive and find rest. May it be beautiful.

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