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03- 22- 2018

Receive Love


By: Rev. Dr. Scott Sommerfeld, Interim Senior Pastor

On Palm Sunday Jesus was “receiving” love from the crowd in the cheers and celebration of his arrival at Jerusalem as the Son of David—the rescuer for God’s people—“Hosanna to the Son of David.”  This is the way the Week that Changed the World began. 

However, within a few days of this great welcome celebration he was receiving death threats from another crowd—“Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!” they yelled outside Pilate's Palace.  Into that night and early the next morning Jesus received beatings and mocking as preparation to receive the great humiliation of hanging unclothed outside Jerusalem so passersby could see how Rome treats those who revolt against her rule and power. 

But Rome’s judgement wasn’t the worst that Jesus received on that Friday.  God His Father’s judgement was far worse indeed, leading Jesus to cry out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”  While hanging on the cross this innocent man received the damnation that every sin deserves.

All that Jesus received was part of God’s plan of making it possible for YOU to receive perfect LOVE.  Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve.  He came to seek and to save the lost.  He came so that sinners might know the true love of God and live in the sweet knowledge of that love for a lifetime and into eternity. 

We are at the start of the Week that Changed the World.  It is my hope and prayer that as you journey through this week you discover or re-discover the perfect love of God for you as Jesus received so much pain, agony and hell so that you would never need to know such things and can again this week celebrate and receive His love for YOU. 

May we also imitate the angels who at the news of one more lost, one found and living in the reality of the perfect love of Jesus, are singing songs of rejoicing.  May this Week that Changed the World—change one more life for eternity everywhere the story of Jesus’ love is heard.

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