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04- 15- 2019

Locked Door Moments

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


As we go through life on this side of eternity, I believe we all have "locked door moments."  Moments when we lock the world out of our lives, when we isolate ourselves out of hurt, pain, grief, anxiety, hopelessness or fear.  Moments when we feel completely alone and are gripped by dangerous emotions.  Emotions that cripple us. 

What I love about Jesus is that even when we lock all others out, and even Him out, He finds a way into our lives, our hearts, and our minds.  This weekend as we celebrate the first Easter, we will hear this story once again of how Jesus rose again from the dead and showed up in the midst of His disciples' fear within a locked room.  This is what Jesus does.  This is what He promises to do!

In moments of despair, fear, and anxiety Jesus comes and meets us where we are and invites us to press into Him.  Into His resurrected scars.  He understands our pain and struggle.  He has been wounded, but yet He has conquered it all so that you and I would not live by fear, but by faith.  Faith in the one who overcame it all.  Faith in the one who calls us to "Believe."  The one who takes our questions, doubts, fears, and yes our sin, and responds by speaking into our lives PEACE. 

My prayer for you this Easter is that Jesus will do what He does and show up in the midst of your locked door with His resurrection power so that you will not be lame, but rather healed.  That His light will shine into your darkness and shine  through your life into the world’s darkness.  He has RISEN!  He is who He said Was, Is, and Will always Be.

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