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06- 14- 2018

Limited Perspective

By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth


As you contemplate Father’s Day, consider perspectives.

From the confines of an airplane window, it seems as though you can see the world.

From the window of a train, it seems as though you can see the world.

From the window of a car, it seems as though you can see the world.

From the window of a room, it seems as though you can see the world.

Which of the above statements is true?  How do you know? Each perspective offers a different view of your world:

  • Airplane: foreign, far, fastest;
  • Train: close, fast, variety scenery;
  • Car: close, somewhat fast, similar or repetitious landscape
  • Room: close, stationary, one scene

Does your perspective change how you interact with your world?  It should! Perspective gives you cues as to what you need to do.  You respond to things differently in a plane than you would in a house.  Trains do not obey the traffic signals for cars. I talk to my kids differently at home than I do at school.  Perspective helps determine what you do.

In Mark 4, Jesus teaches about the reign and rule of God.  He tells a parable of a man who sows seed. The man doesn’t know how it sprouts and grows, but he does know what to do when harvest time comes.  Perspective helped the man to determine what to do. In this parable, Jesus is the man, sowing seeds of faith. The Spirit is the one who make seeds of faith “sprout and grow”.  Jesus is also the One to act when harvest comes. Are you the man in the parable? Are you the Spirit in the story? Nope! While we may get glimpse of things from Their perspectives, we are the seeds and the plants bearing fruit in the story.

What is the perspective of the plant in the story?  That perspective is not very compelling. A plant just sits there. However, in this parable, the plant has a dynamic role, albeit not central.  The plant is always changing. The sprouts and grows and produces. Dynamic change, change that produces life and sustenance. That is the work the Spirit in you, giving you all you need to grow in faith and bring life into the lives of others.  

Here’s something else: you are doing this no matter what age or stage of your life!  Babies are bearing fruit, parents are bearing fruit, centenarians (someone who’s 100) are bearing fruit, and every age and stage between.  Whatever your political party or lack of one, you bear fruit. Perhaps your perspective is telling you that right now you are not doing anything important.  Don’t discount what God is doing, even if you can’t see it. God sees it. God sees you. As One who has the perspective of all things, God sees you and is working life and growth in you.  Harvest is coming - Jesus is coming! May He find us fruitful, faithful, following Him, from our own particular views of the world.

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