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11- 09- 2017

Know and Rely


by: Rev. Dr. Scott Sommerfeld

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. - 1 John 4:16

This is one of the most inspiring Bible verses I have memorized.

 While it is short and concise.  It is also powerful and insightful.

 It seems to me that this verse describes what it means to be a Jesus Follower. 

 At the heart of being a Jesus follower is entrusting yourself to God and His love for you. 

 How did you come to KNOW God’s love for you?  Was it through your mother and father, listening to their prayers?  Was it because of the Bible stories and songs with your Sunday School teacher or Day School teacher?  Did you have a friend, a grandparent or an aunt or uncle who told you about God’s love, who read you the Bible and sang you songs of God’s love?  Who helped you hear and know God’s love for you?

How did you come to RELY ON God’s love for you?  Was there an event in your life when you discovered you could rely on God and His love for you?  Was there an event in your life when you discovered that you desperately needed God’s love and forgiveness?  Did someone else trust in God and inspire you to trust Him, too?  How did you come to rely on God’s love for you?

There is a difference between knowing something and relying on someone.  Our struggle as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve is that we are prone to rely on ourselves or our stuff instead of God.  We might even trust or love someone above God.  Odd, isn’t it, that we can and often do love and trust God’s gifts more than we love and trust God, the giver of the gift?!

It seems that we can know God’s love for us for years and years and yet still struggle to rely on Him when life gets challenging.  What helps you “re-center” your life?  What helps you return to relying on God? 

For many, participating in a worship service is where God connects with us and we are re-centered, re-calibrated to relying on God.  This weekend we will explore LifeShift and how God restores our lives through worship.  If you would like to be renewed in relying on God—you will discover that many are seeking the same thing here at Trinity!  We’d love to be on that quest with you, too. Lets seek to entrust ourselves more and more to the one who loves us best!!

See you this weekend!


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