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09- 05- 2018

Is Pastor Justin Krupsky Competitive?

By: Pastor Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


Have you ever sought to accomplish a task, but felt ill prepared?  Currently I am helping coach one of my son’s soccer teams, in which nine out of the eleven boys have never played organized soccer before.  Sad to say I wish we had at least eight practices before our first game instead of three.  I am thinking that this Saturday we will be playing a team with eleven players who have played the game of soccer for before and that they will be much more prepared for success. 

I share this thought because starting this weekend it is our hope that you will be better prepared for success in articulating your faith to those that do not have faith or perhaps whose faith is wavering.  This weekend we are beginning our sermon series based on our yearly theme at Trinity, “Ready, Set, Go.”  This theme and series is based on Jesus' words recorded for us in the Gospel of Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and PREACH the Good News to everyone.”

How prepared do you feel in articulating/preaching the Good News of Jesus?  Many of you who know me believe that I am competitive. The truth is I am without a doubt when it comes to seeing success in the Mission that Jesus gave to us.  Jesus wants all people to have faith in Him and He is relentless in His pursuit of the lost.  His A plan, His strategy, in His relentless pursuit of the lost is us.  What are we going to do about this? 

I hope you can be part of this four-week sermon series.  If you miss a weekend please visit our website to listen to the sermon or view the sermon via video.   May God equip us over the next four weeks so that we will be more successful in preaching/sharing His story with Love! 

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