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04- 17- 2017

How Much Do You Know About Easter?

By: Rev. Norm Koy, Senior Pastor


Easter is now over.  And I am sure we all know the story of Jesus death and resurrection.  But what do you really know?  In order to get a complete look at the depth of our Lord’s life, especially His passion, we cannot rely just on one Gospel.  We need them all. 


To prove that point take this small quiz regarding our Lord’s resurrection:


  1. How many angels were at the tomb? a) one b) two c) three
  2. The Bible tells us the guards saw an angel? a) True b) False
  3. How many women went to the tomb? a) one b) three c) more than three
  4. When Jesus greeted Mary near the tomb Mary called Him a) Lord b) Savior c) Teacher d) Jesus
  5. The events on the road to Emmaus took place a) the day of the Resurrection b) the day after the Resurrection


1-B Lk. 24: 1-4  2- A Matt. 28: 2-4  3- C Matt. 28: 1-2; Mark 16: 1; Luke 24: 10  4- C John 20: 16  5- A Luke 24: 13


I hope this small quiz wets your appetite and desire to continue to study the Word of God and delight in it. 

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