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02- 15- 2018

How is God Messing with You?

By: Rev. Dr. Scott Sommerfeld, Interim Senior Pastor

I have a pastor friend who asks people, “How is God messing with you?” He wants to know what God is up to in their lives, how they see God at work in their home, work, church and daily life.  It is a great conversation starter.  I encourage you to ask someone this question today.  You may be surprised by what you hear.  The good news is God is always on the move and messing with His people.  How is God messing with you and how is that shaping you to reflect the ways and heart of Jesus?   

If you were to ask me this question today—my answer would be “I can’t believe God is sending me to Africa after Easter.”  That’s right.  God is indeed messing with me in surprising and unexpected ways.  From April 6-20 I will be part of a training team going to Ethiopia presenting on Family Life Ministry led by Professor Ben Fruendenberg from Concordia Center for the Family.  These training events are being hosted by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), the largest and fastest growing Lutheran denomination in the world at 9.2 million members.

I’m grateful for Trinity leaders allowing me to use my final two weeks of vacation to be part of this adventure.  The following questions lead me to ask you to pray while God is messing with me today:  Will these training events turn into an ongoing partnership between Concordia Center for the Family and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus?  What are the blessings in store for me, my family and for Trinity?  So…How is God messing with you?

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