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05- 24- 2018

Guard Your Heart: Restless vs. Rested

By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth


Guard and Rest

Even guards need rest.  The most diligent soldier knows the critical role a rest,  a break, a holiday provides.  Rest allows you to access bursts of inspiration, discover new things about yourself, lend better control for weight loss and appetite, and better solve problems.[1]  How true the quote from Ben Franklin: “He that can take a rest is greater than he that can take cities.”

Focus on me

So how much sleep do we need?  8 hours? Sprinkled with 20-minute power naps?  Maybe.  While that is the ideal, most of us struggle to get that quasi-magical number consistently.  We have so much to do!  So many things demand space in our psyche.  Whether we’re living single or with others, full schedules, interpersonal struggles, personality disorders, and a host of other sleep-thieves can seem to dominate our thoughts and feelings.

Focus on Jesus

People who follow Jesus know that He is the source of our peace, our rest.  Jesus spoke peace to a room of disciples scared for their lives.  God promised rest and great providence to Israel at the end of their journey of faith and freedom from Egypt.  Throughout Scripture, God promises His people “I will be with you”.  So what happens when that fear returns?  What happens when we get distracted in the promise land?  What happens when we lose the promise land?  What happens when that season doesn’t seem to end?  What happens when we have faith in Jesus, we know all the right answers, but we just cannot shut off our head or shake the feeling of fear?

In the mix

God is still with us in the midst of fears and failures.  His presence brings peace, his promises reassure.  The Father continues to redirect our attention to the Son; Jesus continues to call, walk, and heal us; the Spirit connects to our Savior and His people.  In the presence of God and his witnesses, let us hold firmly to faith given to us in Jesus, and continue to approach God’s throne of grace.[2]  There we are given grace.  There we receive mercy.  In the presence of our Holy God we receive hope.  We learn to love.  We find rest - in this life, and the one to come.  So be vigilant in the faith and life of Jesus as you guard your heart and find your rest in Him.


[2] Hebrew 4:14-16

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