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12- 30- 2018

Grip Strength

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


Over the years I have shaken many people’s hands, but there is one older gentlemen at Trinity that I had to learn very quickly that if I went in weak, his grip strength would literally make my hand hurt for a few days.  At first I actually I tried to go in with my left hand because I am left-handed, but he never took the bait.  Now, I just go in as strong as I can with my right hand and give him a nice firm handshake. 

Grip strength.  As I think about grip strength and heading into the New Year I can’t help but think about how easy is it is to be overcome by the grip of pain and sin in me and around me.  I can try to go around it, but that never works.  My hope this year is that my grip strength increases, that is my faith in Jesus.  I love many things about Jesus, but as I begin this New Year I have found myself loving the fact that His grip is tight on me and His grip is not letting go.  My prayer for us this weekend in worship is that God will increase our grip strength and that we will lift up voices thanking Him for His grip on us.  

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