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07- 12- 2019

God Bless the Broken Road


This week’s movie is God Bless the Broken Road and the message this weekend asks the question: “What happens when YOUR plans don’t work out?” Now I know that is a very broad question—it can be applied to many different situations. We are talking about the plans you make that affect how you live your life and therefore you decide the pathway or ROAD you want to travel on your life’s journey.


What we really are be asked and what is “Behind the Scenes” is what happens when some life altering, tragic event forces you to react with a different plan because the event is forcing you to travel a Road you did not pick to travel. The Road you had chosen to travel was going along fairly smoothly. Maybe some bumps or an occasional pot hole, but not enough to alter your direction of travel.


But now a tragic situation like a death of your spouse, which is portrayed in the movie, means you as the survivor have to continue on life’s journey alone and now the path you are being forced to take is now a Broken Road—a Road filled with trials and grief. And many adverse things happen as ripple effects of the major tragedy.


This means you have to make some new plans to deal with this situation. And many people are so headstrong they feel they can do it and they have to do it by their own emotional strength. On top of that, for people who are believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, some still believe they have to do what they can before they ask God for help.


Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us not to depend on our own ability to see the way through the Broken Road situations of life but rather TRUST in God and call on Him as personal Savior and he will bless the journey down the Broken Road (my paraphrase). The question for every believer in Jesus is: “Do you have a strong enough faith to get you through the tragic situations life throws at you?”


With Jesus on your side, no matter where life takes you…FAITH takes you further.


Pastor Lew

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