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02- 08- 2017

Future Teachers

By: Bruce Volkert, Principal

Could your child eventually be a Lutheran school teacher or other professional church worker?  Perhaps this is a topic that you would more likely see addressed in a Lutheran high school newsletter.  After all, some of us are simply drilling math facts with our children or mentoring them to master the task of tying shoes.  We aren’t to the point of giving our little kids advice on their careers!  We might not have any desire to even consider the thought of them moving on to a job and could become a little weepy thinking about them someday not living with us.  I am not saying that we need to boot them out the door already.  This is just a message to crack the door open to the consideration that God may be able to use our students as future teachers.  Teaching in general and teaching in a Lutheran school is time consuming, has many responsibilities, can be stressful at times and yes, other jobs can pay more money.  So why do it?  Because it is rewarding in so many different ways!  It is a way to serve Jesus while hanging out with kids.  A teacher is allowed a front row seat in watching students discover learning and become the person God intended.  We don’t just get to talk about Jesus – we have to talk about Jesus!  It’s in the job description. 

It is not too early to begin the thought process.  We had an overwhelming number of students dressed as future workers in the medical field during “Career Day” as part of National Lutheran Schools Week.  So, we should be set with doctors, nurses, and therapists for the next generation!  There were also some students who dressed up as teachers.  Kids are already thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.  Of course, many of those dreams may change as they get older.  Open the door to your child considering going into church work.  We visited Concordia University in Ann Arbor with our 7th and 8th graders this past Fall with that thought in mind.  There are 10 Concordia campuses scattered around the U.S. ready to equip young people for future service to the church.  Many of the colleges had their beginnings in training teachers.  They have become full universities that offer countless majors and provide the opportunity to attain a higher education in a Christian Lutheran environment – whether that is in church or other work.  Discover what your child’s future may be at 

We hear about students who can’t land a job in their chosen career after graduating from college.  There is a good chance that will not happen to the students earning a Lutheran Teacher Diploma from a Concordia University.  There is currently a big shortage of graduating Lutheran teaching candidates.  Our Lutheran grade schools and high schools have already requested many more graduates to fill teaching vacancies than there are available candidates from the Concordia Universities.  And this is only February!  More vacancies will occur as we move into Spring.  The placement offices at the colleges will probably be able to place every single graduate in the career that the student selected.  The only thing holding some back may be that they are waiting for a job to open up in a specific city or area of the country.  How’s that for a job placement percentage!

Our schools are in great need of future Christian teachers.  Many started in Lutheran schools just like Trinity.  So, prayerfully begin to openly consider this opportunity for your child.  Learn more about the colleges, their programs, and how there are a number of ways to make it truly affordable.  You or your child can talk to teachers at Trinity right now to get their input.  Pray about it!

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