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05- 08- 2019

Flowers from Heaven

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


This weekend is Mother’s Day, a time when we honor moms.  Back in 2003 my mother-in-law, who went to be with Jesus this Christmas, was inspired by dandelions.  Here is what she wrote:

When my children were young, one of their favorite things to do for me was pick flowers. Even before we lived out in the country, with expansive acreage all around and fields of assorted wildflowers to gather, we always had a grassy yard to play in.

Most people’s yards were neat and green, fertilized and weed free, not a speck of interruption in sight. My husband loved those lawns. He’d weed and feed and fertilize and rake, mow and trim, but somehow, in a corner or surprisingly in the middle, would spring up a dandelion or two. Quick! Mow ‘em off before they turn into fuzzy white balls and drift off to seed! Dandelions: the bane of every lawn lovin’ man.

But not to moms…

Here in the north, dandelions pop up right after the tulips. But unlike garden flowers, they take no coaxing on my part. They simply arrive each year in abundance throughout yards and fields everywhere you look, sunny bits of golden yellow liberally dotting the yards of rich and poor, a gift from God to every child who wants to bring mommy some flowers for Mother’s Day.

Have you noticed that? Right in time for Mother’s Day, God spreads a lavish bouquet at your feet and says, “I’ve brought you some flowers, Mom. Thanks for everything you do.”

And your children pick them with the stems too short – keep a saucer on the table for those. Vases don’t work for dandelions. They never last more than a day anyway. You receive them a day at a time, a fresh outpouring of love from God and your children.

In the spring, when we’re winter weary and summer leery, when it’s hard to believe that the warm breezes today will stay around until next week, the dandelions arrive, stippling the meadows and open fields, manicured lawns and vacant lots, road sides and medians. And just when you think you’ll never make it another day, God arrives in the face of your child with a handful of buttery sunshine and says, “I brought you some flowers, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.”

Dandelions aren’t weeds. They’re Mother’s Day flowers from Jesus.”

Whether or not you are a mom, the truth is that there are blessings all around us.  I do not know what you are going through, have been through, or will be through but may God show His goodness even through the pain.  May you persevere in your calling as His child and may you see His blessings all around you.   You have been blessed to be a blessing.

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