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07- 18- 2019

Faith Lessons from Frisbee Golf

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


A few weeks ago myself, Josh Britton our Director of Worship, and Pastor Chris were able to go play some Frisbee golf behind my house on a disc course.  I believe we played ten holes and what we all noticed right away is that there was a big difference between the way Josh and I threw the Frisbee.  I would whip it as hard and as far as I could.  I showed no restraint.  Josh, on the other hand, for different reasons laid up over and over and over again.  Yes, he found his disc much easier than I did on some of the holes, but my disc was consistently much closer to the hole after the first throw. Truth from the Frisbee golf outing was that I did not hold back -  I left it all on the course. 

The lesson of faith that I want to  share with you leading into our message for this weekend is framed in this question.  Are you showing restraint in your relationship with Jesus? Are  you holding back?  Are you all in or do you just have one foot in? Are you indifferent in faith matters?  Nonchalant?  My prayer is that we will be all in every moment of everyday as we are called to walk by faith in the one who has gone “all in”  for us.   I don’t know what is holding you from going all in, but He does and He has a word for you this weekend. 

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