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12- 27- 2018

Faith Holds

By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth


Faith holds.

Paul talks a bit about this in Ephesians 2:8-9.  Teaching a child how to cross the street can be so simple.  You hold on to that child.  As you hold them, you also teach them how to hold on to you.  Such a simple task.  It’s so ordinary, but it changes how kids handle themselves.  Faith does something similar. Faith works in two ways.  Faith receives and holds onto everything God gives.  Faith also holds onto you.

When God begins faith in you, it begins with believing the Gospel: the real story of Jesus as God, man, and Savior.  Faith grows to receive more and more blessings from God: always present, forgiveness, strengthening renewal, comfort, community, and all God reveal to us in His Word.  So faith receives and holds everything God gives us.

Hebrews also talks about faith in 11:1.  Faith also holds on to you.  God gives; you receive.  You also live in a world still broken by sin, as humans still broken by sin.  You have faith that holds the redemption the makes you right with God.  The same grace that fills you moves you to forgive others.  Because you still sin, because you still struggle to follow and believe, you need faith to hold onto you in those moment of frailty, doubt and darkness.  The love of God never fails deliver that faith. 

Faith fills you with the Spirit and strength to hold on and receive all of God’s blessings.  Faith surrounds you and holds you in the midst of the harshest moments in this world.  God gives you all you need to follow him and grow in the grace he gives you.  May these words and images give you comfort and heart for the year ahead!

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