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12- 14- 2017


By: Rev. Justin Krupsky

Every year I have the cool opportunity to teach eighth graders about the foundation leading to the birds and the bees using the first two chapters of Song of Songs, and as part of the lessons I am able to dig into chivalry.

Chivalry's basic definition is treating a girl as a princess. Interestingly enough, when I ask the girls if they are okay with this concept, they all without hesitation, love the idea of someone treating them like this. When I ask the boys about this concept and if they are going to live this out, probably half of them just look at me with that blank eighth grade boy stare while the other half wonder if they are capable of this.

In Songs of Songs God clearly paints a picture of a man treating a woman with chivalry. Over and over again you see him approach her with gentleness as he uses the poetic language of a dove, as he listens to her, gives her gifts and makes her feel safe.

Husbands opening doors, doing an extra household chore, a goodbye hug or a hello embrace, buying gifts, kind words, active listening, and setting up a date night are all ways we can live out this deep truth of how God has wired us to treat our wife.

How can you show chivalry to your wife this Christmas (treat her like a princess)?

"How beautiful you are my darling! Oh how beautiful! Your eyes are doves." Song of Songs 1:15

"I will make you earrings of gold studded with silver..." Song of Songs 1:11

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