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11- 16- 2017

Certainly Uncertain

By: Rev. Chris Troxel


Sometimes it’s just easier to stay put.

I remember being lost once, a young kid in a store, frantically looking for my mom.  It was only a couple seconds, but to this today I can feel how long it seemed.  My mom is a good mom.  She didn’t leave me by myself.  She was right there, on the other side of a rack of clothing.  I became distracted by something, and when I looked up I assumed she was gone.  I couldn’t see how close she was, yet I was certain I was alone.

It’s easy to feel lost.  Even in the midst of a crowd, you can feel alone.  When nothing in life seems to be going the way we want, it’s easy to feel like the world - or maybe everything - is against you.  Do we need more evidence that our hearts can be easily misled?  Yet we become so entrenched in what we think we know, that when the authority of what our hearts have decided is questioned, we feel threatened.  So now, who’s authority are you following: your heart’s or someone else’s authority?

Now figure in when circumstances change around you, or people change or leave.  When everything’s changing and confusing, when you’re feeling lost, when life seemed so certain to you, sometimes it’s easier to just stay put.  There is a difference staying in one place in the hopeful expectation of someone finding you, and staying in one place because you have lost hope. 

Are you hopefully waiting or hopelessly stuck?

In all these moments, Jesus meets you.  Wherever you are on the spectrum of hope, or however lost or found you may feel, Jesus meets you.  He meets with comfort and peace to soothe your anxiety.  He meets you with truth and humility in the face of your sin.  Jesus meets you right where you are, and reveals just how close He is.  He is right here.  Jesus is with you.  Jesus is with us.  Not to support our cause or make us happy, but rather to rescue us from the authority of our misguided hearts, and re-center our lives on Him.  He does not leave us as He found us.  God reveals in His Word to us that anyone who has an encounter with Jesus is never the same.  You and I are included in that.  Even in the midst of moments filled with confusion or anxiety, Jesus calls us to follow.  It might be easier to stay put; we know what it’s like to be lost, and we know the way things used to be.  Let’s see what it’s like to follow Jesus into something new.  Even if you’re not certain of the outcome or destination, let’s grow in our certainty of following Jesus.


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