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11- 01- 2017

Bringing It Home


By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Associate Pastor of Family Life

One of my many blessings that I have as a pastor is seeing how adult children honor their father and mother.  So many disciples here at Trinity have their parents living with them, are their primary care giver, or visit their parents frequently when they become ill.  During the majority of shut-in visits I have the person talks and talks about their adult children and their grandchildren and how they see them often.  I love that.

As Jenni and I raise our four children, I do hope and pray that they will honor us, not just as future teenagers but as future 50-something’s and beyond.  I do know that our faith is caught more than it is taught, so as our own parents age I pray we do our best to honor them.   In Matthew 15 Jesus has a conversation with some religious leaders and calls them out on neglecting their elderly parents.  He tells them they are not keeping the commandment to honor your father and mother. 

So often when we hear, "Honor your father and mother," we think of children listening to their parents, but Jesus makes us understand this commandment to its fullness. 

This weekend at Trinity we are beginning a new sermon series called “Life Shift.”  This weekend we are going to be digging into Scripture to see what Jesus has to say to us about making a shift in our home so that we can experience more love.  Now I do not know your family situation, but I do know no family is perfect.  I know when it comes to families there can be great joy and great pain--usually both.  Someone once told me that, “until you let the past go, the future will not move forward.”  God has a future plan for our families--a plan that includes open hearts to honoring one another.  I hope you can make it to our weekend worship here at Trinity, but if not stop by our website to listen in to the sermon. 

May God bless our families!

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