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01- 10- 2019

Bits of Heaven

By: Rev. Justin Krupsky, Senior Pastor


The plan was to drive down to Florida for a week to be with my family and to take a week's vacation to get re-fueled as 2019 began.  That was my plan. God’s plan, not so much.  His plan was to drive up to Saginaw and be with family to have my faith strengthened like never before as we loved one another in the valley of the shadow of death of my mother-in-law. 

The temptation was strong to believe that God was not present, but our faith was made stronger as we saw bits of  heaven revealed to us that my mother-in-law was fully experiencing.  Bits of heaven.  Uncle Russ shared with her 13 children that he believed she would want us to hear the verse that she shared with him several times, “In all things God is working for the good of His children.”   

Bits of heaven, God’s goodness, showed up in the compassion of the medical professionals, the love shared among our family as we spent hours together in the hospital sharing stories, praying, and catching up, friends paying visits, a heavenly sun set shining radiantly on her the evening of her passing, His mercy in taking away her suffering, and in so many more ways. 

For myself and the rest of the family, the heavenly questions were, "Will this trial cause our faith to be strengthened or weakened?  Would the darkness win or would the light?  Would we be able to see Jesus through the storm?" 

Even then, a song written by Micah Tyler says, "Even when the waters won't stop rising, Even when I'm caught in the dead of a night, I know no matter how it ends, You're with me."

When the waves come, and they do, may our eyes be on the One who is walking on them.  When the mountains are in front of us, may our eyes be on the One who stands on top of them.  No matter what comes our way, may we not take our eyes off of Him and thank God His promise is that His eyes never look away from us.  He is focused on you and me.  In this New Year may our vision of Him increase and illuminate Him to others.   May our faith cause us to see bits of heaven all around us. 

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