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10- 19- 2017

Be the One


by: Pastor Lew Stier

God hand picks YOU to be HIS one for a special reason.  God does NOT pick you and then NOT equip you for the task.  He wants to get done what He wants to get done -- through you.  You have to ACT through faith.  Faith in itself is not an evident human action on your part.  You cannot believe in Jesus on your own -- neither can you ever profess you believe in Jesus as your Savior without the working of the Holy Spirit in your life.  Faith is a gift from God first (Ephesians 2:8).  It is God's action toward you.  After receiving the gift, it compels you to put that faith into action by accepting the call from God to "Be His One" who shows Jesus to someone else.

You are being asked to understand how you can "Be the One" as you live in the grace of God and by faith.  That really is what James speaks about in his letter.  Is genuine faith really dead if it is unaccompanied by some kind of good work (James 2:26)?  Of course it is not -- God does not give out dead gifts -- gifts for no human value.  The evidence of a living faith within you, showing you truly do believe and have faith is made known to anyone in the world by what you do because of faith.

Just look at some of the Bible's characters -- specifically David in the Old Testament reading. They were picked by God to be "His One" for specific situations and as the author of Hebrews says: "By faith...they acted." You are also being asked to be "His One" in a special and specific way. All you have to do is ask God by faith and you will see. 

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