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Renewed Calm

Tasty Food

Renewed Purpose

Who Are You?

True Joy

I Love You

Fishing With Grandpa





A Lesson From the Baseball Field

Faith Lessons from Frisbee Golf

God Bless the Broken Road

A Question of Doubt

Swing the Bat

Faith and Deeds


A Time to Reflect


What's Up With all the Suffering?

Flowers from Heaven

The Birds and the Bees

You and the Bible

Locked Door Moments

When You Find out You're the Pharisee

Do We Really Understand?

Haiti: Life by the Spirit

The Wounded Child

Good Grief

Magic Words

Help Me Overcome My Unbelief

How to Say You Are Sorry


The Prison of Unforgiveness


Horizontal Worship

Getting a Grip on the Future

Life Begins

Bits of Heaven

Grip Strength

Faith Holds

And the Government Will Be Upon His Shoulders



The Night Before

That Room

The Thirst for More

Brazil Mission Trip

The Skilled Listener

Changing Prayer

Underrated Ordinary

The Brand of Christianity

Who is this Man?

My Story

Is Pastor Justin Krupsky Competitive?

The Christian Warrior is not the Image our Neighbors Need Right Now

What we Don't Like About "Submit"

Living as Children of Light

Conflict Resolution 101

Spiritual Unity 2

Spiritual Strength

Spiritual Unity

Words to Bless

Words to Build

The Holy Pause

Guard Your Heart: Disappointment vs. Dedication

Limited Perspective

Guard Your Heart: Fear vs. Hope

5:45 am

Guard Your Heart: Restless vs. Rested

Guard Your Heart: Greedy vs. Generous

Guard Your Heart: Selfish vs. Sacrificial

Resurrection Power: Power to Love

Resurrection Power: Power to Grow

Resurrection Power: Power to Sacrifice

Resurrection Power: Power of the Spirit

Resurrection Power: The Power to Believe

The Rock

Receive Love

Receive Grace

Receive Mercy

Future Church Workers


Safety and Hospitality: Next Steps for Trinity

Pastor Justin on Sabbatical: What Does this Mean?”

How is God Messing with You?

Receive the Word

The God Who Is

Help Me Help You

What are You Striving For?

Talk to Me


Got Gratitude?

Fear Not!


Christmas Unwrapped: The Gift of Joy

Christmas Unwrapped: Unexpected Peace

Christmas Unwrapped: The Gift of Hope

Helping People Move from HOMELESSNESS to SUSTAINABLE Housing and KEEP their Homes once they are Established

Faith, Hope, and Love

Certainly Uncertain

Life of Meaning

Know and Rely

A Vision Statement for Trinity: What Does This Mean?

Bringing It Home

The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation “Illuminate—the Lost is Found”

Be the One

Moving from Immaturity to Maturity

Love For All People

Masks Off

Call on Me

Jesus: The Unforgettable One

Don't Repeat It - Delete It!

God is on the Move

Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Parenting Top Ten

The Three C's of Father's Day

Discipling: Being a Witness

Social Ministry

How Much Do You Know About Easter?

Pepto Bismol Boy

Praying God's Word for our Children

Singing Traditional Hymns with Children

Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds in Your Marriage

What is Lent?

A Trip to the Holy Land

The Good Side of Anger

Future Teachers

Workshop Model to Teaching Reading and Writing

How to Help Your Child Be Successful in School

Why Should I Volunteer at my Child's School?

Are We Raising Children that Have Grit?

German Lutheran Christmas Traditions

Was it You?

Christmas is an Amazing Time of the Year

Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart

Fine Motor Skills

Longing for a Break in this World

When You Are Holding On For Dear Life

Using American Sign Language with Children

God Chooses Unlikely Candidates to be His Messengers

Anxiety in the Classroom

God’s Search and Rescue Plan Involves You

Practice Makes Perfect

Finding the Door to an Eternity of Sundays

Speaking God's Word Over Our Children

Eliminate the Shanks From Your Life Swing

Words Matter

The Greatest Question of All Time

Attending Church

Breaking Free from the Kingdom of Me

Five Fun, Free & Fabulous Games to Help Your Child Learn Their Letters: Easy Kinesthetic Ways to Help Your Child Learn & Retain the Names of Letters

Your Identity is the Most Beautiful Thing There Is

Teach Your Children How to Have a Conversation

When Jesus Comes Knocking

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Math

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

A Back to School Prayer

Serving Those That Need It Most at Trinity Lutheran Church

Our Father's House... A Beacon of Hope Trinity Utica Church & School

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