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11- 03- 2017

A Vision Statement for Trinity: What Does This Mean?


By: Pastor Scott Sommerfeld

Luther’s “re-discovering” the gospel was the highlight of the Reformation 500 years ago.  In God’s Word he found out that the righteousness every sinner needed, was “from” God—to be received as a gift from God—so he and every sinner can be saved by grace through faith in Jesus’ righteousness.  That is a grand discovery indeed. And it is the good news we strive to pass on to our children and our children’s children for the sake of the world.

Following Jesus is first lived out and learned in the home and continues throughout life in our daily and lifelong relationships.  Recognizing this, Trinity is striving to “Become a Community that follows Jesus in our Homes.”  This is a compelling vision for our life together.

This home-centered approach to fulfilling the mission of making disciples was first introduced at Trinity in 2009.  Research tells us that parents and guardians have the greatest influence on their children when it comes to encouraging the next generation to follow Jesus for a lifetime.  So Trinity has been on a quest to resource and equip each home to be a caring community in Christ. 

This is the rationale behind encouraging the homes of Trinity Lutheran Church and School to be faith-forming centers where forgiveness, trusting God’s Word and serving others are cherished and embodied.  This is why homes of every size and generation are encouraged to learn and practice Faith 5.  And this is why our confirmation ministry is intentionally becoming a home-centered ministry that equips and encourages parents and youth to have holy moments of faith-filled conversations and service as a family.

I am sharing this with you today because this weekend our new preaching series LifeShift begins. LifeShift is all about asking the age-old Lutheran question—“What does this mean?”  in regards to this compelling vision statement.  In other words: What does this mean to be a home, school and church that is striving to “Become a Community that Follows Jesus in Our Homes”?  What does it mean and what will it take to make this vision a reality?

“Becoming a Community that follows Jesus in our Homes” is indeed worth exploring further these next four Sundays--and worth striving for, too!!  I am so excited that my family and your family get to pursue this together. 

May God be our guide!!

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