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02- 22- 2017

A Trip to the Holy Land

By: Jenna Lipinski, Trinity Alumni

I had the wonderful privilege to spend two weeks in Israel with Concordia University. This experience is something that changed my life and the way that I look at my faith. From walking in the same places that Jesus walked over two thousand years ago, to picking up five smooth stones from the valley of Elah which is where David and Goliath took place.

Not only did we get to go to Biblical places but we got to see the nature and land of Israel. One day we went to into the desert and rode camels. We went floating in the Dead Sea, which has so much salt in it that you float. We also went hiking where David cut off Saul’s rope. The landscape that makes up Israel is very green in some parts but you can drive for half of hour and you hit sand and the desert.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was this boat ride we went on. It took us on the Sea of Galilee and it was just breath taking. That body of water has many Biblical stories that happened there like where Jesus walked on water. One of my other favorite memories was seeing where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and seeing many copies of them. The interesting part about them is that they were found recently. It really had me thinking about what if there are more copies of the Bible out there that we have not found yet.

I would recommend to any one that has the choice to go to Israel to go. It is a once in life time experience. Information that I learned there I will for sure take into my future youth ministry!

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