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07- 02- 2019

A Question of Doubt

By: Rev. Chris Troxel, Associate Pastor of Christian Growth


Doubt seems like the opposite of faith.

In all the stories about it, doubt seems to be a result of man’s rebellion against God.  Doubt can destroy relationships, lead to despair, and can begin from something as small as misunderstandings.  Doubt appears to have no good role in life or faith.

Faith is belief.  Faith is a sure and certain hope in things not visible.  Faith is a gift given that transforms the receiver. Would it surprise you then to know that Faith leads to doubt?  It’s true! Faith leads the believer to doubt. Faith enables believers to doubt that evil will endure, or that hardship will last.  Faith allows believers to strongly doubt their identity is defined by sin. Faith frees believers to doubt that sin leads to anything good.  Faith gives the power to doubt that our enemy has any real power.

Doubt works for the believer when it’s coming from faith, and aimed at everything that attempts to take faith down.  I pray that you would doubt. I pray that you would doubt evil’s endurance, that you would doubt pain’s power, that you would doubt, our enemy’s ability to distract from what is true.  Jesus has risen. You are forgiven. There is a world that needs to know both of these truths.

Believe it.

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